Worship Service Set list & Recap: Good Friday, April 10, 2009

April 11, 2009 — Leave a comment

base-image-wcI tried to keep this service close to an “unplugged” level, using only keyboard on some songs (Pastor John) and acoustic guitar (me) on all.

My prayer and desire was to really make the service a time to personalize what Christ went through/accomplished that day so long ago – a lot of You (God & Christ) and me/I/my/us lyrics. Since there is typically a mix of Christian and non-Christians in attendance at this service, I wanted all in attendance to know Christ’s death was for them – whether it was a reminder or a realization/revelation.

Set List:

  • Here I Am To Worship [Hughes]
  • Above All [LeBlanc/Baloche] (I had Dan [great bass voice!] read the verse and we came in on the chorus)
  • VIDEO (Wonderful Cross)
  • Because of Your Love [Wickham]
  • At The Cross [Butler]
  • Special Music (me): True Love [Wickham]
  • Service Closer: The Wonderful Cross [Watts,Walt,Reeves,Mason,Tomlin]

I originally had planned to use a video background for the special music.  When I showed it to my wife, she liked it, but said that it may be distracting.  After thinking and praying about it, I listened to her!  I really wanted people to focus on the deep lyrics and the video probably would have detracted from them.  The video (which is a powerful interpretation of the song) is below.

I think the service went well – I pray it was a good time of reflection and remembrance, even realization and revelation. [I am always critical of myself…but Karen said I did fine.]



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