My Unofficial WDW Half Marathon

January 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

Yesterday was the 2012 Walt Disney World Half Marathon. Since I got to WDW last night for a quick 2-day conference and with this morning being my long run day, I ran my own half:

The decision to run 13 was actually made while on my run. My training plan called for 9 miles today and, at about mile 8, I thought, “why not – I’m feeling good and the meeting doesn’t start until 10a…I’ve got time!”

Thirteen miles would be my longest run ever and I had already ran (as opposed to run/walk/running) the entire eight. What to do?

“GO FOR IT! You always can stop or run/walk/run…”

…and go I did. Running the whole 13.51 at a respectable pace! The run felt great too!!! It was flat, but still – 13 miles! I actually ran under water…well I ran the underpass to the canal that goes between the Epcot resorts and Epcot itself.

Coincidentally, the 2012 WDW Marathon was today and started at the same time I started my half. I’m staying at the Yacht Club Resort and could hear the music and announcements from the Marathon’s start as I did the first few loops. I also ran near the Disney Studios marathon entrance and the mile 24 marker.

I got to see the winning pack of runners at the Marathon’s mile 24 from across the canal when I hit my mile 13 – which was kinda cool.

No shiny medal or t-shirt; but, all in all, a big morning…followed by sitting in a meeting room from 10a to 6p. WHEW!

Training Journal – 1/5/12:

  • Current plan: 10K Training
  • Today’s session: 9 mile run
  • Comments: See above for my adventure!

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