The Latest Song I Can’t Get Outta My Mind

March 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

So my wife and I saw The Descendants a few weeks ago and I subsequently bought the soundtrack.  The whole album is great, but I find myself humming, even whistling the final track – Ka Mele O Ku’u Pu’uwai – constantly!

The video below isn’t the version on the soundtrack – that one is by Sol Hoopii‘s Novelty Trio.  It’s close, though it doesn’t seem to have the memorable effect that Sol Hoopii’s does.  Enjoy!

[Translation of the lyrics here]

Training Journal – 3/19/12:

  • Current plan: 10-Miler Training
  • Today’s session: Rest
  • Comments: Post-race rest day. I also reviewed/refined my upcoming training plan.  Emerald Across The Bay race report coming tomorrow…

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