April 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

Tomorrow’s the day: Big Sur Marathon.

My second 26.2 and the culmination of 18 weeks of training. I’m prepared, but still nervous…anxious. It’s natural, though.

I’ve had two quotes in front of me; one for 18 weeks (it’s on each page of my training plan,) the other I heard just this week:

The 18-week’er:

“Do the work. Do the analysis. But feel your run. Feel your race. Feel the joy that is running.”
~Kara Goucher, American long-distance runner

The new one:

“You are better than you think you are, and you can do more than you think you can.
~Ken Chlouber, Leadville 100 founder.

Both good, both keepers.

Training Journal – 4/27/13:

  • Current plan: Big Sur Marathon Training Plan – W18/D6
  • Today’s session: Shake-out run, day two of carb loading, and head to Monterey
  • Comments: 3.71 miles @ 7:43

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