June 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

Tomorrow is my birthday.

I will be two score and eight years…

Not old, but aging…
Not AARP-eligible, but some “grays” are showing…
Not wise, but I have some experience…
Not ready for the HurryCane, but I do occasionally use something to “assist” when I sit or stand…just occasionally.
Not as fast as I used to be, but still faster than some…

Today, I got the results from my visit to the doctor regarding my knee:

  • No fracture of or fluid on the knee. 🙂
  • There is some spurring. 😦
  • The other bones are “unremarkable.” 🙂
  • I do have ‘mild osteoarthritis” 😦
  • I am scheduled to have an MRI on July 1 for further evaluation. 😐

So, I am happy that I heard back from him and have some idea about what is going on… Still, the future seems unsure – but I will press on…

I did ask the all important, “what can I do as far as exercise?” question. My doctor, who is a cyclist and knows how I feel about not running/cycling, said that I can still run and cycle [We were talking by phone and I was in a airport shuttle, so I was doing the “happy dance” in my mind!]; HOWEVER, with light effort, at a slower-than-usual pace, and to STOP when the knee flares up and follow the R.I.C.E. plan. [full disclosure, which I think I forgot to write in my post about my doctor visit: I did fess up and tell him that I ran the SF Marathon – 2nd half the day before…which garnered a look, a grin, a halt of writing, and then a continuation of the appointment. He knows…identifies.]

Side note: I’m on a biz trip and my first flight today was to Seattle, where a Rock and Roll Marathon event is taking place on Sunday. I could pick out the “comrades” in the waiting area and on the plane – runner’s build, tech shirts, running shoes, past race chatter,… I’ll admit it, I was jealous.

Training Journal – 6/21/13:

  • Current plan: Not sure right now…
  • Today’s session: Rest/travel day
  • Comments: See above…

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