July 4, 2013 Trail Run

July 4, 2013 — Leave a comment


Since today was a holiday and I was off work, I decided to try a trail run. I was a little nervous for two reasons: 1) downhills, and 2) I hadn’t done any trail runs since my 50K back in May. Nervousness aside, I went for it, planning to take it easy and just have a nice run.

I did a home-to-Alum Rock Park-to-home, out and back and it actually felt great to get “off road”, even though my knee reminded me about itself a few times. I just love the fact that I can start and finish a trail run from home!

I ended up doing 11.24 miles at an average pace of 11:14 min/mi for a total time of 2:06:15 and an elevation gain of 1,152 ft.  I even made it home in enough time to run out and get hotcakes from McDonalds – booyah!!!

Anyway, have a safe and enjoyable Fourth!

Training Journal – 7/4/13:

  • Current plan: Nothing fancy, just a mix of running and biking right now
  • Today’s session: 2 hour trail run
  • Comments: See above…

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