Final Long Ride For Foxy’s

September 28, 2013 — 1 Comment

My final long ride before Foxy’s Fall Century should probably have been next week or the week after; but, because of scheduling (Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon next weekend and a quick biz trip the following), today was the day…

My training plan called for 85 miles; but I ended up adding a short, .6 mile finger to each loop.  When I got close to home, I was at 89 miles – too close to 90 to not add the one-mile tag to the ride!

20130929_strava clip

I was definitely spent after the ride.  I probably needed one more GU and some additional electrolyte drink on the final stages.  I think with proper carb loading (I plan on following my standard, marathon regime) and rest, I’ll finish Foxy’s in good shape.

It’s funny, each week I plan to pull over and take a picture or two to post, but I never seem to remember.  I guess I’m just too focused…or zoned out to remember.  I did have my GoPro running on the last loop (since the sun was up then.)  I’ll have to post a video one of these day.

Hope your weekend was great!

Training Journal – 9/29/13:

  • Current plan: Foxy’s Fall Century Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 85-mile ride
  • Comments: I rode 90.6 miles @ 16.4 mph avg, for 5:30:41 & avg cadence of 83.  [Strava]
  • Weekly mileage: Running: 12.6 / Bicycling: 149.2 – Total: 161.8

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