Final Run of My 2013 Christmas Vacation

January 5, 2014 — Leave a comment

Well, my two-week vacation ends today…boohoo.

So, I decided to cap it with a trail run this morning, doing what I call the “griffin” course up in Alum Rock Park – dubbed that since I think it resembles a griffin.  [STRAVA]  (Not to be confused with the “sea monster” course.)  You’ll notice a weird line on the griffin’s wing.  I forgot to restart the watch after I stopped to take a picture of some deer…which cost me at least a mile on my tracking…and messed up my “griffin” picture!


Since this was my final run for the vacation, I took it slow and enjoyed the run and the sights:

All in all, it was a nice break from work.  I rested a bit, did some work at the house (though not as much as I’d hoped too), and ate out a lot.  As far as training for the two weeks:

  • Miles Run: 115 (56 on week one, 59 on week two)
  • Days Run: 13 of 15 total days off
  • Miles Riding: 0 (I planned to ride once, but didn’t make it (rested instead)  Since I prefer to ride early in the AM when traffic is low, I focused on running…)
  • Races: Two half marathons – Brazen New Year’s Eve (Almost) and Brazen New Years Day.  Race reports coming this week.
  • Weight: Started and ended the two weeks at the same weight!  BOOYAH!  (oh, and I had pancakes a total of 8 times – yummo!)

If you are also just going back to work, school, or just a “non-vaca” mode tomorrow…take’r slow and ease back into the busy life!

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