I Did My First Multisport!

March 8, 2014 — Leave a comment


Well, today was the day: The South Bay Duathlon.

A 10K run, a 40K ride, and a 5K run through urban Morgan Hill. For those who are metric-challenged, that’s 6.2, 25, and 3.1 miles respectively.

It was my first foray into the world of multisport.  The linking two sports I have come to love and enjoy: running and cycling. One I’ve become pretty confident at (running) and the other I’d still consider myself a dabbler (cycling.)

I’ll post a race report later this week, but my preliminary times were:

  • Overall Time: 2:38:11
  • Run 1: 46:40 @ an avg pace of 7:32
  • T1: 1:30
  • Bike: 1:25:01 @ an avg pace of 17.6 mph
  • T2: :50
  • Run 2: 24:10 @ an avg pace of 7:48

More to follow later this week, including some highlights, lowlights, a couple of funny occurrences, and definitely some learning moments.


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