Mulled Cider & Critical Thinking

April 24, 2015 — Leave a comment

I think many would agree: Facebook has it’s good and bad aspects. For me, it can be a great source of information, connection, and annoyance…all within seconds and sometimes simultaneously.

Reconnecting with people has been a great part of Facebook for me – even if that reconnection is completely virtual and infrequent.

Among my FB friends are four teachers and a principal from high school – it’s weird, but even now, I still call them Mr. or Mrs. <insert name>…I guess it’s just a habit.

This morning, i read that one of them passed away.

I am often terrible at memories or reminiscing (my wife can confirm this), but there are a few memories that I have from high school, which for me was a very small private school which, amongst other things, offered great teachers and an overall great learning experience.

Mrs. B was a teacher who challenged me – but she did it in a way that garnered participation and, ultimately, appreciation.

You see, while challenging us with critical thinking, she often lulled us into conversation (and learning) with mulled cider.  Yep, that cider memory has stuck with me to this day.  I could never for the life of me detect/see/get the “underlying meaning of what <inset author’s name> meant when he or she wrote <insert passage>” thing; but Mrs. B’s mulled cider during class sure made it easier to try.

I’m not really a mulled cider drinker; but, each time I smell it or order one for my wife at Starbucks, there will now always be one person that comes to mind.

Mrs. B impacted the lives of many – I was lucky enough to be one of them.

She will be missed…and seen again.

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