Remembering the Future

April 9, 2009 — Leave a comment

communionRemembering the Future…that seems like an odd and confusing statement.  But it is exactly what those who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior can say about today.

Today is known by several names: Maundy Thursday, Holy Thursday, or Great and Holy Thursday.  It is the day that four things took place in the final days of Christ’s life on earth: the washing of the Disciples’ feet by Jesus, the creation of Communion at the Last Supper, the agony of Jesus in the garden, and the betrayal of Jesus by Judas.

Focusing on the second:

In Matthew 26:26-29, we read:

While they were eating, Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take and eat; this is my body.”  Then he took the cup, gave thanks and offered it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you.  This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.  I tell you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it anew with you in my Father’s kingdom.”

Christ initiated an aspect of worship for the Disciples (and for us) to remember His death – then promised that we would someday feast again with Him. 

In 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, Paul writes:

For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.

Paul reminded the Corinthian church that observing Communion was a remembrance that would someday end when Christ returns.

In Revelation 19:9, John writes:

Then the angel said to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!’” And he added, “These are the true words of God.”

John writes in Revelation about the wedding feast to come with Christ and His bride (the church).

Communion.  The Lord’s Table.  Whatever you call this Christ-ordained act of worship – it is a time to remember the future to come.


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