May 30, 2009 — 6 Comments

famToday, Karen and I finished our pre-adoption training with the agency we are working with.  The only training we have left is our CPR & First Aid (if you saw the re-run of The Office the other night…I won’t pull a Dwight!)

My brain is full after today – a lot to process, consider, and file away for future use…

Two thoughts from the day:

  1. I thank God for my own family.  We were not perfect, but I did live a life that was free from many of the sad things that so many children too often go through.  Most espcecially, I am grateful for my parents.  Just as any kid, there were times that I didn’t feel that way, but man I so appreciate them.
  2. I am excited and anxious about the children that Karen and I will have the opportunity to pour our lives into.  I pray that we are used to heal, reaffirm, encourage, and all the things that are necessary for the children that God blesses us with.

I haven’t written too mugh about our journey, one day I will spend some time doing that and post it.

6 responses to Family


    Wow! That picture is awesome and I got to know you not too much after this photo it seems. I pray your adoption goes well and look forward to what you have to share about your journey with adoption.


    Dennis you are going to be the most amazing dad! I know your mom is looking down smiling at the journey on which you are about to embark. These kids don’t even know what a blessing God has for them by bringing them to you and Karen. We have been and will continue to pray for you and your sweet family!


      Thanks Debbie. Beyond the two of us…I can’t wait for our extended church family to pour into their lives also!


    OMGosh! You used THAT picture! I completely agree with you, we have the best parents! Isn’t it awesome how God works…He will entrust you two with children to bless your lives and inturn you will be able to bless the lives of those children! I truly believe the two of you will be great parents. Love you guys! Trish

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