Review: Forgotten God DVD Study Resource

July 10, 2010 — 1 Comment

This post is sorely overdue…  I posted about the book over 3.5 months ago, said that I would post about the DVD – even received a review copy from David Cook Publishers – and have yet to do it!  So, here goes…

Overall, the Forgotten God DVD Study Resource is a great and one that really encourages and challenges more consideration of the book.  I appreciate Chan’s honest and forthright way of explaining things and being transparent in his own journey in Christ.

As a resource, and when compared with the Crazy Love Study DVD, there are two things to consider:

  1. Each segment/chapter amplifies – it does not, in and of itself teach the related chapter in the book.  When we used the DVD in our Sunday School class, we made sure we came up with a few post-video discussion questions.  There were one or two on the Crazy Love DVD…none on the Forgotten God one.  Some study DVDs allow for a facilitator rather than a teacher/leader – in my opinion, Forgotten God needs to have the latter.
  2. Study Guide.   The Study/Group Discussion Guide was offered separately and not on the DVD (again, comparing Crazy Love to Forgotten God).  This is only a comment – it’s up to the writer and publisher on how to distribute this type of valuable resource.  That said, I wished it had been on the DVD.  I have not ordered the separate Workbook – I think I will so I have it when I re-read the book and re-watch the DVD.  Looking at the page count (128) and the “look inside” feature on Amazon, I can see why it wasn’t included on the DVD…  [Also, if this guide is used, maybe my comment above about teacher/leader vs. facilitator is moot.]

Those two comments aside, again – I recommend this DVD!

In writing this post, I re-watched the DVD and took these notes…

Chapter 1: I’ve got Jesus.  Why do I need the Holy Spirit

  • Do we overtly try to force the Holy Spirit’s outpouring or guidance?
  • Do we “manufacture” what His will is?
  • We must set aside our assumptions as we study!
  • We must be open and see His divine will…  He will take care of and reveal the rest, i.e., His will for us
  • We seek “experience”, but on OUR terms.
  • We look for the “lifetime” view of things or His will – when we read in His word that he never works that way
  • We find Him and His will by moving forward with His divine will
  • We MUST NOT miss or neglect the OBVIOUS!

Chapter 2: What are you afraid of?

  • Do I really want to hear from God?  Do I like my life the way it is?
  • Do I sometimes see God’s “voice” as an interruption?
  • Are we “pickers”?  Do we pick & choose the stuff we do in and for Christ?
  • It’s hard to surrender as we grow older (i.e., more stuff, commitments, etc.)
  • We know there is more…do we desire it, seek it, and pursue it!

Chapter 3: Theology of the Holy Spirit 101

  • Great illustration on football – huddle – bench…
  • “We don’t need the Holy Spirit to sit in a room and say, ‘Amen, that’s Good.'”
  • Are we running the “plays” we learn/hear on Sunday throughout the week?
  • Are we just as on fire for Christ now as we were when we became a Christian?
  • Are we separating ourselves from the world?  Jesus didn’t…
  • Are we in a place where the Holy Spirit HAS to come through for us?  We should be!

Chapter 4: Why Do You Want Him?

  • Do we seek/desire the Holy Spirit’s empowering for the common good or for our own abilities/pride?
  • What is our posture before church?

Chapter 5: A Real Relationship

  • We lose sight of the fact of our confident access to God is through the Holy Spirit
  • Are we actually sure and confident that God loves us?  That is the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives.
  • Do we see our relationship with God as every bit as real as out best ones on earth?

Chapter 6: Forget about God’s will for your life

  • Comfort vs. adventure – where do we live as Followers?
  • Those who really experience God are those on mission for Him…seeking Him.
  • Sometimes it’s just about obedience!

Chapter 7: Supernatural Church

  • So much of church is pushing things along on the effort vs. complete reliance on the Holy Spirit.
  • Are we “stoppable” or “unstoppable”?
  • Do we discount the Holy Spirit in our walk & in the church as a whole?
  • Are we letting God distinguish us or are we doing that ourselves?


In closing, if you enjoyed reading Forgotten God, the DVD resource is a valuable companion and really encourages conversation in a group setting if used that way.  The only thing I added to the DVDs use in our final class was the video below…it was a great way to challenge us all to GO AND DO:

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