Life Lesson from Lorenzo the Lizard

August 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

[as i write this, i feel somewhat like a Galápagos Island naturalist]

Lorenzo the lizard, as my wife “affectionately” calls him, lives in our backyard.  I’m not exactly sure where he hangs out all the time or where he sleeps, but he can be seen roaming around the yard most of the time.

We also have a black lab – a 90-pound bundle of energy who still thinks she’s a pup.  We KNOW where she hangs out – which includes Lorenzo’s “territory.”  For the pup, hanging out in the backyard involves playing with all sorts of balls, Frisbees, sticks, etc., and – well – relieving herself.

We’ve come to discover that Lorenzo is quite intelligent.  He has discovered that, while our dog is a threat, she’s also quite useful: he’s noticed that dog droppings attract flies – or as he calls them, FOOD.

Further, and again, being the intelligent and observant reptile that he is, he’s noticed that if he lays reeeeal still on the droppings, the flies think he’s part of the pile – landing within close range and making meals come relatively easy.

As you’ve probably discovered, I’m not a trained naturalist; but I’d think for most animals, laying on a “pile” is not highly desired – though I’m sure there are exceptions…

The thing is, in my “expert” analysis, I see Lorenzo as being willing to make the sacrifice of some discomfort (at least in my mind) for the benefit of something he needs or desires.  Put simply: pile laying = fly-a-palooza

Which leads to the “Life Lesson from Lorenzo the Lizard”:

Sometimes you have to endure some crap
to reap life’s benefits


NOTE: The photo above is not Lorenzo, he’s proved difficult to capture on film.  Also, if you ask my wife, Lorenzo is approx 7 times the size of that photo and probably could detach a limb if one got too close!

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