My Early AM “Outrage”

November 15, 2011 — 2 Comments

So I tried one of those energy gel shots before this morning’s run…

Per the instructions, I ate (?) it about 15 minutes before I headed out at 0430, chasing it with a nice glass of water.

It tasted pretty good, didn’t upset my stomach, and I guess I did seem to feel a little bit more energy on the second half of my 4-mile.

At 100 calories and as low as $.99 through Amazon, they seem economical…

Time will tell though…I bought a few more just for experimenting.


2 responses to My Early AM “Outrage”


    I use those during my long runs. It’s amazing to still have energy after 8 miles. Of the flavors I’ve tried, chocolate was the best and orange was a pretty close 2nd. I think the “Just Plain” is just plain nasty 😛


      Chocolate was pretty good. I tried Strawberry Banana this morning…not bad. I god a sampler pack coupon as part of the “virtual goodie bag” for a run I’m doing.

      I will probably use them for longer training runs and actual races. I just wanted to see how my stomach handled them before trying them on an actual race!

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