Speedwork Session #1

December 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

So, when I first set-up the 10K Training plan I’m doing using the Runner’s World Smart Coach app, I will admit…December 22 seemed ominous:

The mere use of the word “speed” with running, let alone associated with 800 meters (a half mile for you non-metric system folks), made me nervous.  I’ve run 5 miles many times – longer distances as well – but not at a defined “speed” pace.

The day arrived and, given yesterday’s post about “embracing discomfort“, I sucked it up and went for it!

The session actually went quite well – especially given the fact that most of the “speed” session was into the 5+ mph wind that was blowing this morning.

My times were actually better than the plan (4:24).  I was winded after each 800, but forced myself to slowdown and recover during the 400 jog – knowing that I’d pay a price during the next 800 interval if I didn’t.

[Info about splits 8 & 9 below]

Overall, it was a great morning run and I can now face the next speedwork sessions with confidence.  Doing these sessions and the tempo sessions will definitely break up the weekday runs.

Splits 8 & 9: When I finished my run, my Garmin said I only ran 4.33 miles – I knew I ran my 5 mile route!  Reviewing the run at lunch, I discovered the issue: operator error.  Apparently, after the intervals stopped, I forgot to press the correct button to transition to the cool-down portion/workout.  I do remember getting a “power save” warning that prompted me to press the Lap button…

The resulting route below made me smile: No, I did not integrate a parkour routine into this morning’s session.  Parkour for me would probably end up much the same as it did for Andy Bernard.

Training Journal – 12/22/11:

  • Current plan: 10K Training
  • Today’s session: Speedwork: ~1.5 mi Warm-up; 3×800 in 4:24w/400 jogs; ~1.25 mi Cool-down
  • Comments: See above.

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