December 2011 Run Stats

January 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

Here are the stats for the month that was December 2011:


  • Total: 99.99 [I now regret not running that extra block!  Sheesh Dennis!]
  • Shortest run: 3.07
  • Longest run: 10.15


  • Overall Avg: 9:26 [-:08 from Nov!]
  • Slowest Avg: 10:43 [-:40 from Nov!]
  • Fastest Avg: 8:18 [-:26 from Nov!]

Total Running Time:

  • 15.9 hours or 956 minutes [+4.2 hrs or 251 mins from Nov!]

Training Program(s):

I had planned to start a new program called Bridge-to-10K on January 2, but decided to go ahead and form my own 10K training plan using the Runner’s World Smart Coach app.  The actual start was on 12/17.  The Bridge app seemed like a good one; but, given the fact that I had already been steadily running 5 miles straight, I couldn’t see myself going back to a program that started back with a run/walk/run regimen.  I have read lots of good reviews on the Bridge app, so I’m sure it’s great.  [I have been doing Galloway run/walk/run intervals on my long run Sundays, but those are longer than 10K…]

So, my current plan is about 20-25 miles a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.  The weekday sessions range in distance from 3 to 6 miles, with the weekend sessions being the “long run” day at 7 to 11 miles.  The plan also integrates Tempo Runs, Speed Runs, and I am adding some hill sessions as well.

All this culminates with my planned, first “official” 10K run on February 18th.

After that date, I plan to start a half marathon training program (also from the Runner’s World Smart Coach app) leading up to my planned, first “official” half marathon in July: the San Francisco Marathon – First Half.

Races Completed:

  • 12/10: Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk for Arthritis [report]
    • Time: 25:38 / 8:16 pace. [A personal best!]
    • Placed:
      • Overall: 139/711
      • Men: 95/238
      • Age Bracket: 15/53
  • 12/31: Brazen Racing – New Year’s Eve Runs: 5K [report]
    • Time: 28:48 / 9:17 pace.
    • Placed:
      • Overall: 49/339
      • Men: 34/136
      • Age Bracket: 6/18

Upcoming Races:


Training Journal – 12/28/11:

  • Current plan: 10K Training
  • Today’s session: 5 mile run
  • Comments: My “Jedi Master” mentioned the term “Negative Splits” recently.  I gave it a try this morning, doing 9:07, 9:29, 9:21, 9:11, and 9:13 splits.

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