Marathon Thoughts [video]

February 2, 2012 — 1 Comment

I’ve yet to run one (late 2012/first half 2013 is the goal),
but this video may provide some preparatory insight…

..anyone care to  confirm?

In my two 13-mile training runs, miles 1, 2, & 10 seem familiar; miles 7 & 11, not at all…

Training Journal – 2/2/12:

  • Current plan: 10K Training
  • Today’s session: 7 Mile Tempo Run @9:55
  • Comments: Good run.  In my effort to abide by “the plan”, I tried to stick with the 9:55 pace.  Discounting mile one (which  always seems to be fast), I was closer to 9:40.  At any rate, a good session.

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