February 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

This morning, there was a nice 5-7 mph breeze that accompanied the ~44 degree temp on my run. No complaints, just an observation…

Anyway, as I was running, it dawned on me: without looking at my watch, I had some natural “level of effort” indicators moving around me: leaves

  • Leaves blowing with me = easier or lower level of effort
  • Leaves blowing at me = increased or higher level of effort

It got me thinking: too often we are oblivious to – or outright ignore – the “indicators” life presents us.

Indicators that tell us:

  • Press on
  • Slow down
  • Stop.  Just stop
  • Use caution
  • Stop talking and just listen
  • Say something
  • Change directions
  • Pick up the pace
  • Don’t do that again
  • …and many, many more

Don’t become too oblivious to – or outright ignore – life’s indicators!
[Also, blowing leaves can be a great illustrative reminder.  That said, thoughtfully plan to keep the leaves blowing “with you” during the second half of a longer run.]

Training Journal – 2/16/12:

  • Current plan: 10K Training
  • Today’s session: 5 mile tempo run @9:50
  • Comments: Good run. Another clear and brisk morning. Tempo was off plan, but it felt right: 9:10

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