A Conversation

March 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

c: hello, i have a request
G: yes, Child?
c: but God, You always say no
G: always?
c: often
G: often?
c: it seems like it. remember that thing and this one and that other one?
G: I remember – each one. Still, you know: I have a plan.
c: it seems the plan involves a lot of no answers for me
G: hmm. don’t forget the yeses – this one, that one, that thing.  You know, the yes and no answers, they’re all part of My plan for you…for your good.
c: i know, but still
G: you know my ways are higher, you don’t see what I see. …a request?
c: it’s for someone else – not for me – for healing.
G: Yes?
c: please heal. restore. return.
G: amen
c: amen?
G: selah
c: sali!

Training Journal – 3/11/12:

  • Current plan: 12K Training
  • Today’s session: Race Day. This morning I ran the 408K RACE TO THE ROW.
  • Comments: I was happy with my run! Its been a busy day, so I’ll post a race report tomorrow.

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