What’s The Real Story?

March 21, 2012 — Leave a comment

A friend on Facebook just posted:

“Anyone else look at senior citizens and wonder what trials
they’ve gone through, what struggles they’ve endured?”

A person on Twitter recently tweeted:

“Behind every sweet smile there is a bitter sadness
that no one can ever see and feel.”

I often think something similar as I see people through my day:

“What’s going on in your life? Are you happy, hurting, sad, mad, …?
What’s the real story?”

Maybe people think the same thing about me…

I guess today rates a reflective and contemplative post.

On a lighter note, I did have a great run this morning!

Training Journal – 3/21/12:

  • Current plan: 10-Miler Training
  • Today’s session: 5 mile easy run @ 10:10
  • Comments: 5.27 @ 9:40. Pacing is off plan – a la that Sammy Hagar song “I Can’t Drive 55”

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