Soundtrack: “Unbreakable: The Western States 100”

July 11, 2012 — 4 Comments

Last week, over the course of a few lunches, I re-watched “Unbreakable: The Western States 100” for about the fourth or fifth time. The film is always a boost (maybe someday I’ll work up to an ultra!); however, this time the music is what caught my attention.

The original score is by Cody Westheimer, with original music by Chris LaShelle.  Sadly, there is no formal ‘soundtrack’ available for the film, but they do list the featured music near the end of the film’s credits.  Most (13) are available on iTunes – the original scores do not seem to be available (at least as far as I can tell.)

The music is a mix of genres and each is actually pretty good listening on a long run – which is the only time I usually listen to music.  A few standouts for me are:

  • Outro, by M83
  • Down On My Luck, by Blackyear
  • Separate, by Trampled By Turtles
  • Chapel Song, by We Are Augustines
  • Stay Gold Pony, by Summer of Glaciers

Still, the one song that I can’t get off my mind is We Move Lightly, by Dustin O’Halloran.  like buttah…

Training Journal – 7/11/12:

  • Current plan: Half-marathon program
  • Today’s session: 7 miles @ 9:09
  • Comments: This morning’s run felt real sluggish, but I stayed with it and did 7.4 @ 8:25 avg pace – with negative splits to boot!

4 responses to Soundtrack: “Unbreakable: The Western States 100”


    Agree with the soundtrack. I also like The Chapel Song, but that isn’t available very many places (e.g. either. Was just checking if there were any official releases. I’ll be at Headlands 50k on 8/23 myself! Good luck!


    Thanks from Spain, friend!

    Inspiring songs!

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