My Near-Marathon Day

October 14, 2012 — 2 Comments

I’m out in Orlando on a biz trip and scoped out a run to do this morning since my meetings didn’t start until late afternoon. This never works out when I travel, so it was pretty cool to participate in a run away from home.

I’ll do a race report soon, but I ran in the U Can Finish 5 mile and 2 mile race. When you did both of them, it was called the Distance Dare. The race was held at the University of Central Florida.

That was the morning…after I got back to the hotel, I discovered that the conference had added an afternoon session tomorrow that I want to attend. So, I decided to pull my rescheduled long run in from tomorrow to today. I had enough time after eating lunch to just make the planned 17 mile trip, get back, shower, and go to the afternoon session. That is, until Mr. Murphy showed up…

At about mile 8, I kept going straight instead of turning left. In planning the route, I didn’t notice that the street name changed out toward Kissimmee…thus, the extra 1.38 miles.

It was warm (~85), so I planned to stick to a slow pace – which is they way long runs are supposed to be run. I ended up with a 10:55 pace, walking quite a bit and hitting two 7-11s and three Walgreens along the way for water and A/C. I think I ended up drinking about 72oz of water and about 36oz of GU Brew. I didn’t stop the watch during my pit stops just to be fair on my pacing…

I totally fought the urge to call a cab to take me back to the hotel late in the run and ended up finding a shortcut through a housing development back to the hotel. I was late to my meeting though…

To sum the day up, I did:

  • 5 miles at 0730
  • 2 miles at 0845
  • 18.38 miles at 1330
  • For a total of: 25.38 for the day…just over 4 hours of running.

Anyway, me tired… Looking forward to the now-planned rest day tomorrow. I’ll be sitting in a room, so that should make it easier.

Training Journal – 10/14/12:

  • Current plan: Honolulu Marathon Training Plan
  • Today’s session: U Can Finish 5 & 2 Mile Distance Dare
  • Comments: As you can see, I added 18.38 to the plan…

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