PAGE CXVI Jubilee Giveaway [FREE MUSIC!]

March 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

I had the awesome privilege of meeting Tifah, Reid, and Dann back in 2010 when I organized a PAGE CXVI concert at our church.  They are extremely talented lyricists and musicians and, well, just all around great people!

To celebrate 7 years of making music together, the members of Page CXVI and The Autumn Film (that would be Tifah, Reid, and Dann) are giving away their entire music catalog for 7 weeks.  Between re-arranging the classic hymns (as PAGE CXVI), to creating beautiful emotive indie pop music (as The Autumn Film), the band has recorded 11 albums together.  Please join them in celebrating this jubilee by catching up on the records you’ve missed or download the entire catalog.

Head on over to to get your free music!

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