StrideBox: vMay.2013

May 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

I got my May StrideBox last week; but, with the stomach virus that I had, didn’t really get to look at it until last night. If you are not familiar with StrideBox, it’s basically a goodie/sampler box of running “accessories, nutritional products, and apparel” that you get each month for a $15 subscription.


As you can see, the box contained a great variety of products this month, anchored by the great shoe clip! After looking everything over, I’ll definitely use/try almost everything included.

Products and Comments:

  • Bars: Two from this category included this month, Betty Lou’s Just Great Stuff Bar and a Bonk Breaker Bite (smaller version of the bars.) There are pretty standard items, and I will def eat/enjoy them. I’m a pretty solid supporter/user of Picky Bars, so I don’t think these will replace those full time, but maybe as a back-up. Bottom Line (BL): WILL USE
  • Gels: VFuel Endurance. Again, standard item for nutrition, though I am not a fan of peaches, so I will probably pass on this. That said, the differentiators their website describes interest me enough to maybe get a sample pack to try. The kicker here is I really am sold on the “plain” flavor of GU – meaning that I don’t like a conflicting flavor with my electrolyte drink… BL: HMMMM?
  • “Chewys”: Two from this category included this month, Jelly Belly Sports Beans and Honey Stinger Cherry Coke Chews. I have tried Sports Beans before, so I’ll use them. Not sure about the Honey Stingers – not because of the product, I’m just not a cherry coke fan…I’m weird/picky that way. BL: WILL USE SBs
  • Protein Powder. Perfect Fit Vanilla powder. I really don’t use this type of stuff, so I’m not sure I’ll use… BL: PASS
  • Bottle Cleaner. A sample tab of Bottle Bright cleaner. This is definitely one I will use – my bottles have been known to get “yucky”, to quote my wife. Based on their website demo video, my coffee cup needs this too! BL: WILL USE
  • Blister Bands. I don’t usually have blister issues (knock wood), but am pretty sure this product works based on my previous experience with Pro-Tec Athletics’ products. I have used their nipple protectors for a long time and the blister protectors are pretty much the same design. Great product – highly recommended. BL: WILL USE
  • Footwear Clip by Klitch. This product is great! Simple solution, easy to use – which I will for sure. BL: WILL USE

Box Value? Again, the monthly subscription is $15 and, by my calculation, this month’s sampling totals about $36.27 OTC – a pretty good deal in my book.

There you have it – StrideBox vMay 2013…and it’s another winner!

You can sign up for your monthly StrideBox here!

Training Journal – 5/13/13:

  • Current plan: Horseshoe Lake 50K Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 6 mile run
  • Comments: My knee started bugging me after about a mile. I considered pushing it, but thought I better not with this weekend’s 50K on the horizon. So, I changed this morning to a brisk walk, did a total of 3.38 a 13:32 pace, and am icing the knee today.

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