National Running Day (Observed)

June 7, 2013 — Leave a comment

After 10 days of mandatory rest because of my knee (no running or cycling), I did my “observance” of June 5th’s National Running Day this morning…

It wasn’t pretty, but it was a run and it felt good to get out on the road again.

OK, it was mostly a run. After 2.6 miles at an easy pace (9:30), I switched to a “run-walk-run” pattern since my knee was a little sensitive and I was generally stiff from 10 days of rest. I did about 2 minutes of running and 20-40 seconds of fast walking for an average pace of 10:35. Neither pace is what I am used to, but it was what felt comfortable and, even more important, smart, given my overall condition.

I will rest Saturday and then run again on Sunday.  I still may follow-up with my doctor, depending upon how I feel.

With the San Francisco Marathon – 2nd Half a week away plus how I felt this morning (during and after the run), I will probably practice a “run-walk-run” pattern on Sunday’s long run. The “2nd Half” is a MUST DO for me, since it will qualify me for the “Half It All” medal.  Participation is essential and “finishing” is the goal (rather than a specific time…other than the 3.5-hour course llimit for the 2nd Half, of course!) I GOT MY EYE ON THE PRIZE!

With that, here are two great and encouraging runner “reads” I saw recently:

Have a great weekend and if you are running a race this weekend (which many of my fellow Run It Fast Club members are), have an amazing run weekend!

‘Training’ Journal – 6/7/13:

  • Current plan: San Francisco Marathon – 2nd Half Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 5 mile easy run
  • Comments: I did 5.38 @ 10:11 avg pace

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