May 2013 Training Stats

June 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

May was quite a month…

The intent was to leverage my Big Sur Marathon training and run the Horseshoe Lake 50K – which were separated by three weeks.  That started out fine, but a tweaked knee on a 5/12 trail run and then getting a stomach virus that knocked me out of commission for fours days cut into my training/mileage.  Still, it was a decent month, as you can see below.  Since the 50K was on trails, road running dipped to 23%, trail running ended up at 49%, and bicycling at 28%.

After the 50K, I really dropped training and rested a bit more than I usually do – though that mostly had to do with my knee flaring up, visiting the doctor, and then being put on 10-days of complete rest from running and cycling.  I did have one “first” this month: I did a “brick” workout: 8.25-mile ride + 3.43-mile run.  It was interesting and, once I return to better conditioning, I may work those in occasionally.  No business travel this month, so that was nice.

  • HIGH: I ran a 50K!  I’m an ultramarathoner!
  • LOW: My knee issues

As far as new equipment, one this month:

  • I picked up a Garmin 910XT.  I had been thinking about getting one of these for a while and saw that they were $100 off at Road Runner Sports…so I jumped!  I really like it and, violating the “no new equipment on races” rule, wore it for the first time on the 50K.  It went great and I am still getting familiar with it.

With that, here are the stats for the month that was May 2013:

Running [14 sessions]


  • Total: 136.35 [-47.74 from April]
  • Shortest run: 3.38 [-.11 from April]
  • Longest run: 31.0 [+4.66 from April]
  • YTD: 866.04


  • Overall Avg: 9:46 [+1:13 from April]
  • Slowest Avg: 12:46 [+1:18 from April]
  • Fastest Avg: 7:59 [+:16 from April]
  • YTD Avg: 8:45

Total Running Time:

  • 23.88 hours or 1,433 minutes [-2:56:00 from April]
  • YTD: 129.19 hours or 7,751.25 minutes


Cycling [3 sessions]


  • 51.76 miles [No biking in April]
  • YTD: 186.95


  • Avg. of 15.9 mph [No biking in April]
  • YTD Avg: 16.1 mph

Total Cycling Time:

  • 3.27hours or 196 minutes [No biking in April]
  • YTD: 11.6 hours or 696 minutes


Training Program(s):

  • Pre-50K: I was kinda in limbo this month as far as a structured training program.  I had mapped out a post-Big Sur/50K bridge plan that was sub-10 mile runs during the week and higher mileage/longer periods on my feet on the weekends.  All that went south with my knee issues and the stomach virus that I ended up getting.
  • Post-50K: Not structured at all.  I had planned more rest and gradual return to running on a plan, but with my knee flaring up during the 50K and the subsequent mandatory R&R, I ended up with three bike rides and two runs during the twelve-day period.


Caloric Stats:

  • Consumed: 94,746 [-18,068 from April – due to no running/cycling]
  • Burned: 19,894 [-2,981 from April – due to no running/cycling]
  • YTD: C: 517,022 / B: 113,776


Races Completed:

  • 5/19: Horseshoe Lake 50K [report]
  • Race Count: Month: 1 / YTD: 6 / Lifetime: 33
    • 5k: 0 / 0 / 7
    • 10k: 0 / 0 / 2
    • Half Marathon: 0 / 4 / 13
    • Marathon: 0 / 1 / 2
    • 50K: 1 / 1 / 1
    • Other: 0 / 0 / 7


Training Journal – 6/8/13:

  • Current plan: San Francisco Marathon – 2nd Half Training Plan
  • Today’s session: Rest
  • Comments: nada

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