10/31/2013 Training Journal / Blissful / Whoa!

October 31, 2013 — 1 Comment

No scenic picture or off-angle selfie to share, but this morning’s run was one of those that is best described as Blissful.

Early 0430 start, clear sky, beautiful waning crescent moon, temp cool enough to give a short-sleeved/shorts-wearing runner a chill at the start but just right after two miles, ever so slight wind, no other humans or animals in sight.

As for my run, a nice warm-up mile, followed by five quiet…meditative…yet negative split ones, only to see that I needed 10 more minutes to finish an hour-long, sweat test run.  Quickly deciding to turn right instead of going straight, and then running that final 1.3 miles at a 7:50 avg pace…and finishing with just a little left in the tank, but knowing I was done.

blissful indeed.

That said, my blissful, “7:50 pace” doesn’t even come close to this “whoa!” video.  The treadmill is set at 12.6 MPH or a 4:46 per mile pace, which is the average pace Ryan Hall ran at the 2011 Boston Marathon.  whoa, indeed.

Training Journal – 10/31/13:

  • Current plan: ZRQL Marathon Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 6-mile run
  • Comments: Last night, I decided to do a sweat test during this morning’s run; so that meant I needed to run for an hour at race pace. I ended up running 7.3 miles @ 8:15 avg pace, avg cadence 97 & a run time of 1:00:16. [Strava]

One response to 10/31/2013 Training Journal / Blissful / Whoa!


    Whoa! I didn’t notice the harness in the little preview so my first thought was “those people are going to faceplant.” That’s crazy fast!

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