A Trip, Tailwind, Near-Skunk’d, and 21 Miles

April 6, 2014 — 1 Comment

I’m on a quick biz trip to San Diego and, just like last year, my second 20-miler in prep for Big Sur fell on my Sunday away.  Not a bad thing though – last year it was Austin & Lady Bird Lake, this year San Diego & Mission Bay/the Pacific.

It was a great run – made memorable by a few things:

A trip

With an early-morning meeting and 20 miles on the schedule today, I got an early start (0400.)  Actually, no earlier than a typical workday, but early for a Sunday.  I must have been zoning out early in the run.  Just ahead of mile seven, I moved from the road to the dirt/sandy shoulder thnking that it would be easier on my legs early in the run.  At almost exactly mile seven, I tripped on a root or something and basically did a full-on, forward trip in the dirt/sand.  Luckily, it was mostly sand (and not pavement.)  I basically slid and wasn’t too skinned/scrapped up – just totally sandy on the front side of my body.  DOOH!  The funny part was that, after the trip, I sped up – running a pace just below or above 8:00 for most of the next eight miles.  Guess I woke up!


After reading about Tailwind Nutrition on Facebook, Twitter, and a few blogs, I bought some single-use packs last week to give it a try.  I’d used it on two runs prior to San Diego (10 miles each) and then on today’s 20-miler.  The two 10-milers worked pretty well – today went great.  I ate a half pack of GU Chomps before the run to get some pre-run carbs and only used/drank Tailwind on the run itself.  I used 500 calories worth on the run – 250 cals (2.5 scoops) in each Amphipod (18 oz) – basically the same calories I use in GU Gels.  I will say that the product worked as advertised.  Again, I didn’t eat any GUs and also didn’t take any Salt Tabs on the run.  I felt fueled sufficiently and didn’t have any cramping in my calves (which has been an issue) and for which Salt Tabs seem to do the trick.  I’m still evaluating Tailwind, but I’m seriously considering a switch for fueling longer runs and races.

More to follow on Tailwind, for sure.

Near Skunk’d

When I planned my route for this morning, it included running as far as possible along one side of the Pacific Ocean inlet to Mission Bay.  A fence prevents you from going all the way to the end of the point.  I spotted quite a few feral cats in the rocks while running – my headlamp illuminating their eyes.  At one point, after passing a group of cats, I spotted a furry creature ahead and to my left – only to realize that the furry part was an upright tail of a skunk!  I must have startled him/her, as they were prepping for a spray and not simply looking at me – no illuminated, cat eyes, only a black and white tail!  Needless to say, I picked up the pace considerably, darted right, and started sniffing to see if there was any change in the area’s odor.  No change…whew!


Twenty miles was the goal, but twenty-one ending up being the final route; just to get all of Mission bay in and to run along the Pacific.  This was my route this morning.  Very nice run: perfect weather, nice pacing for a long run, felt good after…just a bit tired, but not sore.  [Strava]


It was still dark for most of the run and when I was running along the Pacific, so no photo from the early sections; but, I did get a nice shot of sunrise on Mission Bay:


I have a 10-miler on tap for tomorrow morning – doing back-to-back longer runs.  Woohoo!


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