OK, I’m Listening God…

May 13, 2009 — 1 Comment

Not feeling too well today…I’m in Florida for a work conference and the allergies are kickin’ my be-hind!  Whine completed…now on the with post.

I was prepping for Sunday School this evening (Francis Chan’s Crazy Love), and two things hit me smack dab between the eyes:

First, in watching the Crazy Love Study DVD, Chan says (paraphrased for this post):

Can you imagine if the early church, having seen the Son of God tortured, die on a cross, and rise again, decided to simply to get together once a week and have services, where one of them would preach and they would have really cool music, and then they would go back to life as usual?

Wow – I quickly tweeted a paraphrase:

“Imagine if the early church only got tgthr once a week for services & then went back 2 life as usual? -F Chan / wld I be writing ths? -me”

The second, was a tweet that hit my TweetDeck at 6:15 (five minutes after the tweet above).

The tweet was a link to a blog post at shaungroves.com about a pastor in India who is doing church “wrong.”  I won’t lift any of the post…you need to read it yourself and absorb the pictures to get the whole effect.

The upshot is that we (American churches) have predominantly got it wrong – as the pastor eloquently says, “Our witness is our service.”  At times, I think we get lost in the programs, the “sound”, decor, and image at the expense of our witness.  Of course, we should do everything well for the Lord, but if we don’t have the Gospel at the heart of it all, well…

OK, I’m Listening God…may Your Holy Spirit work in and on me!

One response to OK, I’m Listening God…


    We need to go to where the people who don’t know God are. That probably means leaving the 4 walls of our churches – at least some of the time!

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