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“The oldest marathon runner in the world, Britain-based Fauja Singh, has ended on a high at the age of 101 years…As the Indian-origin athlete completed the 26-mile London Marathon on Sunday in a record time of seven hours and 49 minutes, he announced this would be his last race.”

“In all, Fauja, who turned 101 on April 1, has run eight full marathons in the last 12 years. He started running professionally at the age of 89.”

Read the whole story at IBN Live: Fauja Singh retires from full marathons – Sports – Athletics – ibnlive.


“We love because he first loved us. Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”

1 John 4:19-21 [NIV]

Training Journal – 4/24/I12:

  • Current plan: Half-marathon program: taper week
  • Today’s session: 5 mile tempo: warm, 3 miles @ 8:20, cool
  • Comments: Nice run.  Tempo splits were: 8:05, 7:56, 8:03 – overall 5.25 miles @ 8:20.  I keep telling myself that I need to get better at following my pacing plan if I want to be successful with a “time goal” half or full marathon plan.  MUST FOCUS. MUST FOCUS.

“…can we all get along?”

— Rodney King, 1992

sometimes this quote just pops into my mind…

Good post from the People Of The Second Chance website…

“On Saturday night Casey Anthony walked out of an Orange County Florida jail.

She had her lawyer Jose Baez by her side plus 2 officers carrying automatic weapons and dressed for combat.

Outside was a crowd of 1,000 onlookers who hurled curses at her. Many believed this “Tot Mom” killed her child because Caylee was cramping her party-girl lifestyle.

They waved signs that said “How Could This Angel (Caylee) Been Born From This Devil?” … ”

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Susan B., Sardis, & Me

February 15, 2011 — Leave a comment

“Cautious, careful people always casting about to preserve their reputation or social standards never can bring about reform.”

– Susan B. Anthony

In Sunday School this quarter, we’ve been studying the letters to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation.  This past week, we looked at the letter to Sardis – a church that seemed OK on the outside; but was, for the most part, different on the inside.  A church that was asleep, possibly complacent, just seeking “to fit in and not offend”, or, as a John MacArthur article I read put it, “[Sardis] had disintegrated and was now dead. It was suffering from dry rot while going through the motions of worship and activity.”

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I was reading in First Thessalonians this morning and this verse in chapter one caught me:

3We [Paul, Silas and Timothy] continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. (NIV)

Um, ok…”caught” is probably not the best word.  “Convicted” is probably more appropriate…

Mainly because at times, if I were honest, Paul may have phrased this a little differently about me (…maybe even you).

Maybe something like:

3We continually [lift you] before our God and Father [because of] your work produced by guilt, your labor prompted by obligation, and your endurance inspired by fear of our [gracious] Lord Jesus Christ [and the totally wrong thought you have that you’ve got to “bank” good things to make Him love you, accept you, and answer your prayers].


Oh, to be like the Thessalonians…

The unCar Show

September 8, 2009 — Leave a comment

This morning I was reading Isaiah 26 and the second half of verse 8 jumped out at me:

Your name and renown [Lord] are the desire of our hearts. (NIV)

My Observation: It’s all about “heart”…without it appearance, words, & deeds are empty. I saw some HUGE hearts on Sunday. I was Blessed and I have to believe God smiled…

uncar2Sunday, our church held its 7th annual Car and Bike Show on our lawn. It’s come to be a great annual event that draws many from the community and offers a chance for car and bike (the motor and the pedal-types) enthusiasts to show off their toys and those who don’t have the toys to check them out, even drool (in a dignified way, of course).

The afternoon is always filled with cars & bikes, food, music, a dunk tank, a jump house, and tons of conversation. As in past years, we had a lot of people and the lawn was filled with cars.  People come and hang out for 10 minutes or for three hours…it’s all good!

If that were all it was about, we’d call it good and start planning next year…

But that is not what it was about. As Pastor John put it Sunday morning, “it’s about people.”

It was about people.

It was about community.

It was about getting out of the “cube” in the corner of the lot on 2827 Flint avenue we call “church” and being the tangible hands and feet of Jesus.

Being the true Jesus.

The one that cares unconditionally and that is approachable and interested in talking without any “hitch” or angle – just being a friend.

I saw that. I heard it. I saw people at worship.

For sure, God smiled.

It’s a common question being asked by returning students right now – regardless of age or grade: “What did you do on your Summer vacation?”  It’s somewhat lost on us adults…we don’t generally get three months off from work (although we’d like it!)  OK, we do truncate the question and ask: “What did you do on your Summer vacation?”

Anyway, here we go:

<you>: Dennis!  How’s it going?  Love the blog, keep up the great work!
<me>: ‘sgoing pretty good.  How ’bout you?
<you>: Fantabulous!  Hey, What did you do on your Summer vacation?
<me>: I’m glad you asked…

The Deets:

bibleThis summer, our church went through a program called The Bible in 90 Days (aka BIND, aka B90X).  It’s not a hard program with hidden details – it’s reading the Bible in 90 days (OK, actually 88…there were two “grace” days built in).  We started on June 7th and from that day until September 3 (for me), we read about 12 pages each day – straight through…Genesis to Revelation.  Our adult Sunday School class and Sunday service sermons also followed the readings, highlighting various themes or characters from the previous weeks readings.

The Story:

True confessions here – I actually saw the official BIND Bible at our local Christian bookstore over a year ago. I bought it and thought I’d give it a go.  It didn’t go…  But, when we decided to go through the program at church, I decided I was going to do it!  GULP!

I read & study the Bible daily – but I don’t generally read 12 pages.  I’m also a slow reader (I’ll admit it!), so this was especially a challenge.  [FYI – my reading speed is really a product of wanting to fully understand and I just can’t get there by scanning…some can – I can’t.]

In addition, having just started this blog a few months before, I decided that I would write a post about each days reading.  Yes, EACH DAY (read: Leviticus).  My decision was based on two things:

  • If 2 Timothy 3:16-17 is true (and I believe it is), then I ought to be able to glean at least one nugget from each day’s reading.  Yes, even from Leviticus.
  • A comment I heard from a speaker a while back.  He said that he tried to find at least one thing in every sermon or talk he heard that was applicable or edifying.  This should be true of anything read in the bible.  [BTW, I hold to this truth in any meeting, seminar, conference, presentation.  It forces me to listen!]

So I started.  I read…and I blogged, and I read…and I blogged…  Eighty-eight days of reading, too many late nights trying to stay on track, and 67 blog posts (some were catch-up days) – all in all, an incredible journey.  I am glad I stuck it out.  It was great to read the whole Bible in a concentrated time frame.  It was amazing to see the thread of God’s redemptive love and care for man (me, you!) in this life-changing, life-giving book that has been lovingly preserved.

So, there’s no badge, t-shirt, or tattoo (?!) for completing the program.  But, there is the joy in knowing that I am a little bit more “equipped”  to be a better worshiper of my awesome and amazing God!

What’s Next?

For the Christ Follower, the Bible shouldn’t be a book that is read and then put on the shelf – saved for future reading if desired.  So, for that reason, I’ll never be “finished” reading the Bible…  I think I’ll even do BIND again next year.

I am starting two new books though:new_read

Both look to be GREAT reads…even blog subjects!

HEY, if you’d like to give BIND or B90X a try, here is a reading schedule that Elevation Church in North Carolina has posted.

Not feeling too well today…I’m in Florida for a work conference and the allergies are kickin’ my be-hind!  Whine completed…now on the with post.

I was prepping for Sunday School this evening (Francis Chan’s Crazy Love), and two things hit me smack dab between the eyes:

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