Couch-to-5K Graduation Day

November 10, 2011 — 2 Comments

[daaaaah, dah, dah, daaah, daaaaah, daaaaah / daaaaah, dah, dah, daaah, daaaaah]

This morning, I completed graduated from’s Couch-to-5K® program!


Honestly, looking back two years ago, I could not have imagined myself 100lbs lighter – much less running…  I got the running idea back in September while I was driving and saw a billboard for the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot.  I thought, “I’m gonna do that!”  […and, Putting my “money where my mouth was”, I registered for the 5K before I started the C25K program!]

I found an app, loaded her up, and started – gradually moving from a “non-runner” to someone who can confidently run a 5K…without stopping!  At first (and into the second week), I was pretty nervous that I wouldn’t succeed or would simply give up; but with each run, my confidence grew.  I pretty much told myself, “Hey, this isn’t that bad – you can do this!”  I was pretty tight lipped about doing this – only my family and a few friends knew. I gradually let it slip and outed myself this week on Facebook…

I even managed to stay on track through two business trips and two rained out training days.  I ran outside all but those two rain-out days.  I DO NOT like the treadmill – read: Boring!  (plus, I think I run slower on a treadmill – I’m paranoid about tripping, falling, and getting hurt.)  I’ll run on it, although begrudgingly…since “winter is coming” – spring too.

As for the Couch-to-5K app (which really is the overall Cool Running program), I really liked how it gradually increased my endurance – if you can call it that.  With each run, my distance and pace increased:

Not “world-class” distance or pace, but I’m happy and am still improving!
My last two “timed” 5Ks were 29:22 at a 9:17/mi pace and
28:40 & 9:06/mi pace – again, not “world-class”, but...

Prior to starting, I followed the advice of my Jedi Master Joffre and invested in some good shoes that have served me well.  I went with the Reebok RealFlex and LOVE THEM!  I have not had any foot or leg issues (knock wood) and hardly know I have them one when running.

Along the way I have also transitioned to runner-grade clothing – might as well, since this thing is a habit now.  My runner “accessories” [tech and non-tech] are also growing… 🙂

BOTTOM LINE: I’m hooked, having a ball, and would recommend this program or app to anyone who wants to truly go from the couch to a 5K.

So, what’s next?  Keep running, of course!  I’m also planning a number of runs over the next 14 months: starting with a number of 5Ks (#1 is on Thanksgiving), progressing to a series of 10Ks, and I’ve set a goal of running a few half-marathons in 2012 as well.  Once I have the schedule finalized, I will probably do a post about that.

As for training, I found an app that is for C25K “graduates” that bridges you to 10Ks – it’s loaded on the iPhone and ready to start on January 2nd.  I’m also researching half-marathon training programs as well and have tentatively mapped that to start April 2nd (no foolin’!)

Now that I’ve graduated, I’ll post a bit more frequently about this topic – the ups and downs of this new adventure.  Giddy-Up!

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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