Easy Choco Peanut Butter Pudding

December 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

I saw this online a while back and love it! It is one of my favorite low calorie*, evening snacks. Simple to fix and is quite yummy!

Here’s the ingredients and prep:

1 Bowl:


1 tablespoon of your favorite peanut butter – I use creamy:


Microwave the PB for about 20-25 seconds, then stir:


1 cup of your favorite chocolate pudding cup. I’ve been using the one below, but sometimes use sugar free.


Add the pudding cup to the melted PB:


Mix thoroughly, then enjoy!


…which I do:



*Calories: 215 as prepped above – 155 using sugar free pudding (PB is ~95 per T).

Training Journal – 12/29/11:

  • Current plan: 10K Training
  • Today’s session: 4 mile Tempo run
  • Comments: Nice run and good tempo. I avoided looking at my watch this morning and still achieved a consistent tempo: 8:54, 9:13, 9:03, & 9:11.

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