My First DNF

July 7, 2013 — 3 Comments

20130707-121857.jpgI had my first DNF today… For you non-runners, that’s Did Not Finish.

Ok, it wasn’t an official race/run, but I always finish my training runs – even if I have to walk the final section (which has become a bit common lately given my just-diagnosed ITBS.) Today though, my 2-hour, long-slow-distance run ended up being an ugly, ugly, ugly run with a walk at the tail end.

My IT band did OK until about mile 5 and then it decided that it had enough for the day. I hobbled another mile and thought about just walking the rest of the way home (just over three miles), but decided that it wasn’t the smartest thing to do. So, I called for my poop out pick-up vehicle. I walked another three quarters of a mile while Karen came to my rescue.

Thus, my first DNF.

I ended up doing 6.77@ a 13:38 pace for 1:32:22 total run time.

As I was running walking hobbling along waiting for Karen, a woman ran up next to me and offered some encouragement – seeing that I was not doing too well. It brought me back to reality from the pity party that was going on in my head…

I got home, rested, iced, and elevated my leg – and wore my compression sleeve to church. So, I guess I RIEC’d vs. RICE’d.

IT band feels pretty good this afternoon though…

Forward Ho!

Training Journal – 7/7/13:

  • Current plan: Mix of running and biking right now & trying to address ITBS
  • Today’s session: 2-hour run
  • Comments: See above
  • Weekly mileage: Running: 28.44 / Bicycling: 58

3 responses to My First DNF


    Oh heavens, no good! I am glad you are feeling better and I am sure your next run will be great! 🙂

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