HBS1, Meet HBS2

August 21, 2013 — 5 Comments

Runner nerd alert!


Yes, I track the mileage on my shoes; and yes, I assign each pair a number.

With my first pair of Hoka One One Bondi Speeds (HBS1) at just over 200 miles and with a coupon for trisports.com in my possession, I picked up a second pair (HBS2) this week.

I originally wasn’t sure about Bondi Speeds, having been firmly committed to my Kinvara 3s for quite some time; but, I was looking for options to address my knee issues during June/July (which ultimately ended up being my IT band.) I already run trails in Hoka Stinson EVOs, so I knew and loved how those ran and figured the road shoes would be just as good – maybe even better. After reading a bunch of reviews, I went for it and fell in love.

The Bondi Speeds have just the right amount of support and cushion, without the weight – some think they look “heavy,” until they give them a try (they only weigh 1.8 oz more than the K3.) They have almost the same drop as the Kinvara 3s too (4.5mm vs. 4mm), so I haven’t sacrificed anything really with the switch – speed, comfort, etc. They have also worn well, showing minimal overall tread wear after 214.81 miles.

Bottom line: I’m sold.

I ran in my Kinvara 3s one day last week and still like them; but my primary road shoe is now the Bondi Speeds. I was torn at first, but not anymore.

Don’t worry HBS1, you’ve still got miles to go and are still in the rotation!

Training Journal – 8/21/13:

  • Current plan: Mix of running and biking: Bicycling focus week
  • Today’s session: 1-hour ride
  • Comments: I rode for 1:13:38 for 21.13 miles @ 17.2 mph avg & avg cadence of 87

5 responses to HBS1, Meet HBS2


    And I thought I am the only “strange” one tracking the shoe mileage, identifying them with numbers, preparing charts of the mileage buildup, etc…. 🙂


    Oh my, I am so happy I am not alone with the running shoe thing! 🙂

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