11/8/2013 Training Journal

November 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

Wow, fall has definitely arrived: today’s workout was clear and brisk. I had a run/bike on the plan, but decided to do a Duathlon workout instead.  I squeezed in a 4/5/3 mile DU – just the right distances to fit in my workout time window.  I think moving forward, I will alternate RuBi and Du sessions on the plan just to mix things up.

I picked up a Zoot Tri Jersey last week (via a great Halloween sale at Trisports.com!); so, even though it was ~46 degrees, I gave it a try (along with the Zoot Tri Shorts I already have.) I also wore arm sleeves and a skull cap for warmth – probably should have worn my thin gloves as well. It was a bit cool at the start, but I warmed up over the course of the session…and would have removed the gloves for run #2 anyway.

I goofed on the multisport transition stop/start on my Garmin between the Bike and Run 2.  [Must. Learn. To. Use. 910XT. Correctly.] Because of that, I ended up with a Run 1 session and a combined Bike/Run 2 session at the end of the workout.  Shout out to Mat at Strava Support – he broke the combined bike and run 2 into two workouts for me!  The “T” times listed below are best estimates, based on the cadence/pace graphs…close enough for me.  [OK, enough of the runnerd talk…]

Have a great weekend!

Training Journal – 11/8/13:

  • Current plan: ZRQL Marathon Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 4/5/2 DU
  • Comments: Extended to a 4/5/3, since I had time on the clock after the Bike…

    • RUN 1: 4.0 miles @ 7:35 avg pace, avg cadence 101. TIME: 30:32 [Strava]
    • TRANSITION: ~2:08 min
    • BIKE: 5.8 miles @ 17.8 mph avg, avg cadence 95. TIME: 19:32 [Strava]
    • TRANSITION: ~1:29 min
    • RUN 2: 3.0 miles @ 7:42 avg pace, avg cadence ~98. TIME: 23:29 [Strava]
    • TOTALS: Distance: 12.8 miles, Time: 1:17:10

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