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Hmmmm, how to display my 2013 training stats in an epic way….a mega INFOGRAPHIC!

This pup has taken numerous lunchtimes, a few evenings, an extended layover at DFW, and a few more evenings in hotel rooms this week.  It was great remembering and reliving some of last year as I gathered the data and worked on this project.

My numbers may pale in comparison to some, but they are mine…and that is what we all should focus on: our numbers, not other people’s.

These were hard earned, yet fun.  Mostly enjoyable, with a dash of difficult, and a hint of pain.  For certain, 2013 was a great second full year of running, with a decent intro to cycling.  Here’s to celebrating 2013 and anticipating what lies ahead in 2014.


Ah November, back to a run-focused training plan and getting my run-base back. I do miss riding as much as I was during September and October, but I’m a runner and enjoyed this month’s training.

No business trips this month – which was AWESOME!


  • HIGH: Two this month: I set a new 10K PR…by 1:16!  I also did two trail runs!!
  • LOW: I caught a cold at the beginning of the month, but I only needed to take two days off training. It held on for a while longer, but I kept going…

As far as new equipment & such, none this month.  I did try a new snack bar this month, which came in my Stride Box.  It’s called “That’s it.” and they are great.  They only have two ingredients: “fruit and fruit!” (with apple being the consistent ingredient) and are 100 calories each.  I have not tried all the flavors, but did order a sampler pack – so far, my fav is the apple and cherry.  Check ’em out.

With that, here are the stats for the month that was November 2013.


Training Program(s):

  • Back to a run-focused program in preparation for a December marathon. The plan is: riding on Mondays, running Tuesday-Thursday, doing a run/bike combination workout on Fridays, and a long run on Sundays.  Saturday is usually a rest day, unless there is a race or a needed shakeout run.


Races/Rides Completed:

  • 11/3: US Half Half Marathon [report]
  • 11/28: Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 10K [report]
  • Race Count: Month: 2 / YTD: 13 / Lifetime: 39
    • 5k: 0 / 0 / 7
    • 10k: 1 / 1 / 3
    • Half Marathon: 1 / 10 / 19
    • Marathon: 0 / 1 / 2
    • 50K: 0 / 1 / 1
    • Other: 0 / 0 / 7
  • Ride Count: Month: 0 / YTD: 1 / Lifetime: 1
    • Century: 0 / 1 / 1


Training Journal – 12/3/13:

  • Current plan: ZRQL Marathon Training Plan – Taper Week 2 of 3
  • Today’s session: 5-mile run
  • Comments: I did 6.2 miles @ 7:56 avg pace, avg cadence 97 & a run time of 49:24. [Strava]
  • Current plan: ZRQL Marathon Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 8/5 RuBi
  • Comments:
    • RUN: 8.4 miles @ 8:20 avg pace, avg cadence 95. TIME: 1:09:50 [Strava]
    • TRANSITION: 1:40 min
    • BIKE: 5.8 miles @ 17.9 mph avg, avg cadence 92. TIME: 19:23 [Strava]
    • TOTALS: Distance: 14.2 miles, Time: 1:30:53

Wow, fall has definitely arrived: today’s workout was clear and brisk. I had a run/bike on the plan, but decided to do a Duathlon workout instead.  I squeezed in a 4/5/3 mile DU – just the right distances to fit in my workout time window.  I think moving forward, I will alternate RuBi and Du sessions on the plan just to mix things up.

I picked up a Zoot Tri Jersey last week (via a great Halloween sale at!); so, even though it was ~46 degrees, I gave it a try (along with the Zoot Tri Shorts I already have.) I also wore arm sleeves and a skull cap for warmth – probably should have worn my thin gloves as well. It was a bit cool at the start, but I warmed up over the course of the session…and would have removed the gloves for run #2 anyway.

I goofed on the multisport transition stop/start on my Garmin between the Bike and Run 2.  [Must. Learn. To. Use. 910XT. Correctly.] Because of that, I ended up with a Run 1 session and a combined Bike/Run 2 session at the end of the workout.  Shout out to Mat at Strava Support – he broke the combined bike and run 2 into two workouts for me!  The “T” times listed below are best estimates, based on the cadence/pace graphs…close enough for me.  [OK, enough of the runnerd talk…]

Have a great weekend!

Training Journal – 11/8/13:

  • Current plan: ZRQL Marathon Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 4/5/2 DU
  • Comments: Extended to a 4/5/3, since I had time on the clock after the Bike…

    • RUN 1: 4.0 miles @ 7:35 avg pace, avg cadence 101. TIME: 30:32 [Strava]
    • TRANSITION: ~2:08 min
    • BIKE: 5.8 miles @ 17.8 mph avg, avg cadence 95. TIME: 19:32 [Strava]
    • TRANSITION: ~1:29 min
    • RUN 2: 3.0 miles @ 7:42 avg pace, avg cadence ~98. TIME: 23:29 [Strava]
    • TOTALS: Distance: 12.8 miles, Time: 1:17:10

October 2013 was split in two: final training for Foxy’s Fall Century on October 19th (with a half marathon thrown in) and then a return to a run-focused training plan in preparation for a late fall marathon.  But honestly, Foxy’s was the focus – the culmination of two months of training: 895.13 miles over 51:56:27 (h:m:s:) of invested time.  It was a blast and, even though I am a runner first, I can see myself doing more organized rides in the future.

That said, I’m glad to be back to a run-focused plan, though my run base totally suffered.  Back to the building stage…

I took a quick business trip to Oklahoma City and had two great runs while there [one, two].  It was taper week for Foxy’s, so, rather than riding or running in the hotel fitness center, I mapped out a route around a local lake.


  • HIGH: Rode my first century and registered for my first multisport event!
  • LOW: No trail running…

As far as new equipment & such:

  • Compression Socks.  I usually wear compression sleeves when I run and recovery compression socks after long runs and always when I fly.  When I was at the RnR San Jose Expo, I saw CEP’s Dynamic+ Short Socks and decided to give them a try.  They are crew length, so I figured they would be OK for running and riding.  They worked great during training rides and runs, so I wore a pair on Foxy’s.  I think they help control swelling over the 100 miles and has helped on runs as well.  I actually have worn them in combination with my sleeves (which the CEP rep mentioned) and
  • Cycling Leg Warmers.  Having already become a firm users of arm warmers, I decided to give Cycling Leg Warmers a try.  I went with Pactimo’s product and really like them.  I wore them through the lunch stop on Foxy’s and they worked great.  When I took them off, they stowed in the jersey pocket just fine (along with my arm warmers.)

With that, here are the stats for the month that was October 2013.  I decided to display a bit differently this month…


Training Program(s):

  • October 1-20: Foxy’s Fall Century Program. In preparation for FFC, training shifted to predominantly bicycling. I programed one run day each weekday (usually Wednesday) and a BRick on Fridays. That equated to about 12 miles running and between 120 and 160 miles riding each week.
  • October 21-31 and November:  Transitioned back to a run-focused program in preparation for a December marathon. The plan returns to ridding on Mondays, running Tuesday-Thursday, doing a on Run/Bike (or RuBi) on Fridays, and a long run on Sundays.  Saturday is usually a rest day, unless there is an event or a needed shakeout run.


Races/Rides Completed:

  • 10/6: Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon [report]
  • 10/19: Foxy’s Fall Century [report]
  • Race Count: Month: 1 / YTD: 11 / Lifetime: 37
    • 5k: 0 / 0 / 7
    • 10k: 0 / 0 / 2
    • Half Marathon: 1 / 8 / 17
    • Marathon: 0 / 1 / 2
    • 50K: 0 / 1 / 1
    • Other: 0 / 0 / 7
  • Ride Count: Month: 1 / YTD: 1 / Lifetime: 1
    • Century: 1 / 1 / 1


Training Journal – 11/6/13:

  • Current plan: ZRQL Marathon Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 6-mile run
  • Comments: My Garmin worked during the run, but went wacko when I got home and tried to synch.  Based on my estimation, I did 6.5 miles @ 8:46 avg pace, & a run time of ~57:00.

Just a few scattered things I read today and thought I’d share/post…

From an article titled, “Should You Be Coached?”

“Harry Chapin, in a song called Mr. Tanner, about a baritone from the midwest, penned the line, “he did not know how well he sang, he only heard the flaws.” Some of us train that way. We’re really hard on ourselves. It can be fairly destructive.”

“Golfing legend Lee Trevino is quoted as having said, “It’s not the arrow; it’s the Indian.” “

From a race website:

“Stadiums are for spectators. We runners have nature and that is much better.”
– Juha Väätäinen

I always stick this somewhere on each page of my training plan…it caught my eye again today:

“Do the work. Do the analysis. But feel your run. Feel your race. Feel the joy that is running.”
– Kara Goucher

Training Journal – 10/23/13:

  • Current plan: ZRQL Marathon Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 8-mile run
  • Comments: I did 8.6 miles @ 8:39 avg pace, avg cadence 95 & a run time of 1:14:34. [Strava]

2014 Race Plans Shaping Up

October 12, 2013 — 1 Comment

From the “It’s never too early to start planning!” camp…

I registered for my first multisport event! Come March 8, 2014, I will be a duathlete – having completed the 2014 edition of USA Productions’ South Bay Duathlon. From the “go big or go home” file, I went for the International distance: 10K run, 40K bike, 5K run (or 6.2, 24.9, 3.1 Miles.)  I’m really looking forward to this new challenge.

Training for it will be interesting though.  I need to hold on training too specifically for it until maybe after the first of the year because I have a marathon in mid-December that will require my focus after next week’s Foxy’s.  Plus, I will need to work the training, and race itself, into my overall training for Big Sur.  Still, I am looking forward to it and hopefully doing a few more duathlons…and possibly a triathlon later in the year.

So, major races on the schedule so far for 2014 are:

  • March 8: South Bay Duathlon
  • April 27: Big Sur International Marathon
  • July 27: San Francisco Marathon

…with more calendar to fill in order to keep my race-a-month streak going!


Training Journal – 10/12/13:

  • Current plan: Foxy’s Fall Century Training Plan
  • Today’s session: Rest.
  • Comments: Rest, traveled for a quick biz trip, and watched Ironman Kona throughout the day.

September 2013 was all about training for Foxy’s Fall Century on October 19th…  What had been an occasional, Monday-morning alternative to running, became pretty much the sole focus of training this past month: namely bicycling.  I have missed running as much as I was, but the shift was necessary to finish well on Foxy’s.

I have noticed that my running has somewhat improved (speed and economy), though I have lost the base that I had when I was running 30 to 45 miles per week.  That said, I have realized improvement in my cycling skills, speed, cadence, and endurance.  I guess that what is gained through targeted training – DUH.

One thing that has resulted this month as been an increasing interest in moving toward multisport: duathlon and triathlon.  Swimming is still a ways off, but I’m working toward duathlon.  More on that in future posts, but I have added BRicks and sprint distance duathlon sessions (SprintDu) to my Friday sessions.

I had one business trip this past month and took advantage of being in the Philadelphia area and ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly Half Marathon.  It was a great event and added a different element to my trip.


  • HIGH: I was selected as the weekly winner of’s “Share Your RUNNOVATION” contest, which was really cool!
  • LOW: Still no trail runs, but they will return.  Not technically a “low”, but I ran 3.25 miles on a treadmill while on my business trip.  I avoid treadmills (even while on travel) and this was the first treadmill run in over 18 months or 2,808 miles…

As far as new equipment:
Continue Reading…

I Du’d

September 27, 2013 — 3 Comments

This multisport thing is starting to grow on me.  The aqua part of triathlon is still looming ominous though; so I’ve been looking at duathlons of late.  I think know triathlon will come, just need to figure out how and when…and then make it happen.

Anyway, back to duathlon… Instead of doing my usual, Friday BRick this morning, I did a home version/distance of a sprint duathlon that I’m looking at for early 2014: run 2 miles, bike 10 miles, run 2 miles. I’m actually leaning toward the international distance (10k run, 40k bike, 5k run); but, with only about 1:20 max in the morning for my workout, the shorter distance worked better.

It was fun and, for my first “Du”, went great:

  • RUN 1: 2.0 miles @ 7:48 avg pace, avg cadence 96. TIME: 15:45 [Strava]
  • TRANSITION: 2:35 min
  • BIKE: 10.6 miles @ 18.6 mph avg, avg cadence 88. TIME: 34:09 [Strava]
  • TRANSITION: 1:40 min
  • RUN 2: 2.0 miles @ 7:31 avg pace, avg cadence 99. TIME: 15:12 [Strava]
  • TOTALS: Distance: 14.6 miles, Time: 1:09:24

I’ve programmed Friday’s as BRick workouts on my training plans, but I think I may weave SprintDus in the schedule…just to break things up.

Have a great weekend – I know I plan to!

Training Journal – 9/27/13:

  • Current plan: Foxy’s Fall Century Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 10/4 BRick  2/10/2 Short Du
  • Comments: See above…