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Kind of cool to see the evolution…


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Siri: Pretty Cool!

October 6, 2011 — Leave a comment

Having used Siri (both pre- and post-app launch) and seeing its integration in the iPhone 4S, it’s pretty cool how it has advanced in a short amount of time. I can only imagine how it will continue to mature…

Siri App video:


Siri on iPhone 4S:


Saddest part on iPhone 4S “announce day” was when I launched my Siri app and got this message:


what to do…

iLife [videos]

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Oh Goodie!

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The iPhone 5 Event is officially October 4th!

Read more at Gizmodo.


I try to avoid “re-posts” – this will only be the 4th in my now 570-post blogging career.

I originally posted this back in 2009.  It just seemed appropriate to re-post today…

I sit here typing this having just finished eating a nice meal, in my warm home, with a 2×4 sticking out of my eye partly blocking the view of both the keyboard and the monitor…

So Facebook changed its Live Feed / News Feed / Status Updates (whatever the “official” name is) display, which has led to much uproar by users.

Groups are being formed…petitions signed, …

I drive by their Palo Alto office on my way home and did not note any protesters today.  Though, one never knows whose lurking!

Anyway, quite honestly, I really didn’t notice the change too much, nor was I really bothered. My measly (though appreciated and loved) ~190 friends offer very little “clutter” and I really do enjoy reading my friend’s posts…

What’s bugged more was the whining and ranting…

So, as a public service, I’d like to offer a forum for the very few people who frequent my blog to air their Facebook rants.

Please, feel free to view the photo below as you type your rant in the comments field below – probably having just finished a meal, now sitting in your warm home, etc…


C’mon folks!

Just sayin’!

(…dropping my stone and walking away now…)

A co-worker hit me up about buying an Entertainment 2012 book from his daughter today.

My immediate question was: cash or check?

He said that a credit card was fine – he’d email me a link to order the book online.  [giddy-up!]

I guess the days of parents lugging around heavy boxes of coupon books are gone!

The next thing we’ll see will be Girls Scouts in front of Safeway with Square-equipped iPhones asking “…ship to your home or would you like to use our new gift-delivery option!”