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For the youngsters…The Museum of Obsolete Objects

Via Visual News blog – check out more examples (rotary telephone, typewriter, etc.) here!

Training Journal – 2/12/12:

  • Current plan: 10K Training
  • Today’s session: 11 Mile Long Run @ 11:21
  • Comments: Nice run.  11.33 @ 10:29

This was just too good not share!

Via Today I Learned Something New.

Training Journal – 2/8/12:

  • Current plan: 10K Training
  • Today’s session: 4 mile easy run
  • Comments: Good run.  Awesome moon this morning!

From the “Learn something new and useful each day” file:

“Sure, it’s great that all you have to do to silent your iPhone is flip the switch on the side, but then you’re at a loss for telling the difference between an important business call and your neighbor who’s looking for someone to watch his dog. Fortunately, iOS 5 offers…”

Read more at: Creating custom vibration alerts in iOS 5 | iLounge Tips.

Mobile Phone Addict?

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So, are you?

Read more at: The Curious Brain


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An awkward, “queue the crickets” moment from a conference I attended last week:

A presenter, who was discussing the security risks inherent in sharing too much on social media sites, flashed what she felt was a redacted LinkedIn profile page from someone who met specific search criteria for conference attendees.

It was clear, from the audience’s murmuring , she didn’t redact enough.

It was pretty easy to decipher where the person worked, who their clientele was, etc.

She proved her point and I’m positive there were quite a few nervous people in the audience.

I’m also pretty sure there was a ton of people who subsequently edited their profiles…immediately.

iPhone Accessories

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Two iPhone accessories I’ve used the past few days…one edible, one not.

Today, one of the speakers at the conference I’m attending, used the descriptive phrase:

Digital Exhaust … defined as the output of human beings using the internet.

Just think, as you read this, one could say that you’re a little gassy…

[queue the crickets]


Kind of cool to see the evolution…


via The Curious Brain

Siri: Pretty Cool!

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Having used Siri (both pre- and post-app launch) and seeing its integration in the iPhone 4S, it’s pretty cool how it has advanced in a short amount of time. I can only imagine how it will continue to mature…

Siri App video:


Siri on iPhone 4S:


Saddest part on iPhone 4S “announce day” was when I launched my Siri app and got this message:


what to do…