If I Had A Time Machine

January 14, 2011 — 8 Comments

Today’s post prompt on “The Daily Post at WordPress.com” was:

If you had a time machine that only let you spend one hour in a different time, what date would you go to?

One additional, self-imposed caveat: …And, in going to that date, you COULD NOT change the future.

My answer:

Since I added the caveat above, I’m going to cheat slightly:  Rather than a specific time, I’m going to share about two.

In my time machine (which is pretty plush and spacious, I might add), I would travel to anytime/anyplace during the last weeks my parents were alive.  I would simply spend time with them.  Love on them.  Talk with them.  Sit in silence with them.  Laugh with them.  Hug and kiss them.  Thank them.  This would, of course, include my step-mom, as my dad remarried after my mom died.

My parents lived out of state (or, from their stance, I guess I did), so my “physical” visits with them since 1992 was during short visits we each made.  Phone calls were it, and I now regret that I’m not much of a “phone talker.”  I’m sure that’s one that Seinfeld missed. My one hour time-travel visits would be priceless.

I found out about both their deaths via phone calls – my mom’s from my dad and my dad and Step-mom’s from my sister.  I was blessed to have spent some time with my mom before she died and we’d seen my dad and step-mom about four months prior to their deaths.  For me, the single-hour gifts (two hours, with my cheat/caveat scenario) would simply be about quality interaction – something that we so often neglect and take for granted…until it’s too late.

So, you’re probably wondering about my self-imposed caveat.  Why not do something that would have prevented, changed, or delayed their deaths?  Why not go farther back and impact events, change courses on other things, champion a cure, etc?  It’s an honest question and, quite frankly, a perfectly logical suggestion.  That said, I believe with all my heart that:

  • God is in control of everything and has a plan for me and for those who are called according to His name
  • Life is not a series of happenstances – there is purpose to everything…the good and the bad
  • I will see my mom, dad, and step-mom again and will stand beside them and worship Jesus together.

Who am i (purposely uncapitalized) to doubt or feel I can improve the plan that God has established.  A plan He set in motion before He created the world.  The bottom line is that God is faithful, His ways are higher than mine, and (not but) I will worship Him in His graciousness and sovereignty.

My time machine trips would be awesome gifts, but I’m fine without them.  OK, in all honesty, I’m not completely fine, but I believe the bullets above and am slowly getting there. They still would be pretty cool though – traveling through time in my plush and spacious time machine!  Look Ma, no hands!

What is your time machine trip (with or without my caveat)?  GO!

8 responses to If I Had A Time Machine


    Very interesting blog, enjoyed reading it. I hope you don’t mind but I might borrow your theme of spending time with parents before they die. I lost my dad very unexpectedly 1o no, nearly 12 years ago – how quick the time passes but I still think about him a lot.


    Very nice, I enjoyed that! thanks.


    Your philosophy of God being in control is quite interesting, and I guess quite true too… People spend a long time of their lives trying to control others and realize in the end that it was God trying to control others through them! Too late… Liked what you have posted on this topic…

    Destination Infinity

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