Hotel Math – IJDGI

May 10, 2011 — Leave a comment

Rant for the day…

I made hotel reservations for an upcoming business trip back in February, booking at a good rate and was happy…

I called today to change my departure date (leaving two days earlier) and was told that, due to high demand, the rate had increased by $30.  (So much for being honest.  The beans had been spilled – too late for backpedaling.)

So, by shortening my trip and giving them the room back for two nights (which they will sell for at least double what I was going to pay), I am paying more per night.

Oh, and the now-available conference rate is only available for a period shorter than I need – to make further changes, would incur a higher rate (double!) on the first few nights!  I’d be paying more in total for getting the cheaper conference rate!  no thank you…

Grrrrrrrrrr…  Hotel math – I just don’t get it!

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