500. 100.

July 14, 2011 — Leave a comment

Yep, two numbers for the day…

500: This is my 500th post on the blog!

On March 31, 2009 I started this blog…and today (this very post) is my 500th entry.  Posting had been irregular until this year, when I took the “Post A Day 2011” challenge.  Now, it’s a regular part of my day – whether I simply post a photo, link, video, or song that hits me or even, occasionally something little deeper – wherever I happen to find myself.

I wrote about my reasons for starting the blog here and here.

100: Today, I crossed the 100-pounds lost threshold!

Actually, 101.2 pounds – woohoo!

On January 11, 2010, I decided to get serious about my weight (again).  My desired goal was just shy of the 100-pound mark, so I thought I’d go just a bit more…you know, the old “rounding” thing.

So, I’m at goal – and now, 549 days later, I enter maintenance mode.  This time, my mind is set on making the lifestyle change permanent.

I blogged about the one-year mark here and the 75-pound mark here.  I’ll probably write a post about the process of maintaining in the future.

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