August 2012 Training Stats

September 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

August was another solid month of training – mixing road and trail running and cycling on Mondays [a spread of 44% road, 14% trail, and 42% bike.] ; Bike percentage was up this month as I took a few extra days off from running after July’s San Francisco Marathon – First Half.

August was also the start of my training program for the Honolulu Marathon in December (info below) and my first trail run (info below.)

As far as new equipment, the big one was buying a road bike – even though I technically only got in one ride it in August. ; I’m loving it, but am still a committed runner first…though cycling is a nice break. ; I can eventually see myself increasing the cycling miles and maybe adding swimming to the mix – though I won’t say when yet, too many other goals on the horizon! ; I did pick up a North Face Better Than Naked tech shirt that was on sale at the Boulder Running Company when I was in Boulder. ; I wore it on the Crystal Springs Trail Run and really liked it. ; I have so many tech shirts though, not sure I’ll pick up any others…

I did have to travel to Boulder, CO; but kept on schedule, doing a group of three, early morning runs along the Boulder Creek Path. ; It was really nice and I was determined to NOT get off my Marathon Training plan on the first week!

Anyway, here are the stats for the month that was August 2012:



  • Total: 142.7 [-15.02 from July]
  • Shortest run: 4.19 [+1.12 from July]
  • Longest run: 12.01 [-3.2 from July]
  • YTD: 1113.26


  • Overall Avg: 8:53 [-:16 from July]
  • Slowest Avg: 11:20 [-1:47 from July]
  • Fastest Avg: 8:06 [-:01 from July]
  • YTD Avg: 9:03

Total Running Time:

  • 21.39 hours or 1,283 minutes [-3:19:00 from July]
  • YTD: 168.71 hours or 10,112.72 minutes



  • 104.34 miles [+46.1 from July]
  • YTD: 186.12


  • Avg. of 14.4 mph [+1.5 from July]
  • YTD Avg: 13.5 mph

Total Cycling Time:

  • 7.23 hours or 434 minutes [+2:42:00 from July]
  • YTD: 13.5 hours or 813 minutes

Training Program(s):

  • On August 6, I started an 18-week training program for the Honolulu Marathon. ; The program is basically Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 Marathon Training Guide with customization for planned travel and home life. Pacing for my plan is calculated using my half marathon PR, the McMillan Running Calculator, and selecting a pace in the middle of the resulting “Optimal Training Paces” for the various workouts. It also includes five preparatory half marathons and a Turkey Trot! ; On the plan, Monday is a 60 to 80-minute cycling session to add some cross training. ; Weekly mileage ranges from 25 to 40 miles running and 20 to 25 on the bike.

Caloric Stats:

  • Consumed: 103,334 [-3,096 from July]
  • Burned: 20,524 [-4,140 from July]
  • YTD: C: 752,852 / B: 138,065

Races Completed:

  • 8/11: ;Crystal Springs Trail Run – 11 mile [report]
    • Time: 1:49:02/ 10:17 pace
    • Placed:
      • Overall: 32/85
      • Men: 21/50
      • Age Bracket: 11/16
  • YTD Race Count: 11
    • 5k: 1
    • 10k: 1
    • Half Marathon: 3
    • Other: 6


Training Journal – 9/5/12:

  • Current plan: Honolulu Marathon Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 4 mile easy run @ 9:09
  • Comments: I did 4.54 @ an 8:08 pace.

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