Nine more days…

May 28, 2013 — 4 Comments

Not the selfie I wanted to take today...

Not the selfie I wanted to take today; but, after much thought, remembering this article I read last week, limping around after yesterday’s ride/previous day’s run (it was hard to disguise), and talking with my wife: I went to see the doctor today about my right knee. He’s a cyclist, so I figure he would be the best place to start opposed to an urgent care place. [After hearing my story, he said, “50K!?!” and edited his notes to read “avid” runner… :)]

  • Diagnosis: After pressing, pulling, twisting, etc., he felt there was no obvious signs of a break or fracture and that there probably wasn’t any damage to muscles, tendons, or cartilage. He felt it is probably a strain (back from my 5/12 run and aggravated by everything since) – no need to x-ray it or do an MRI right now.
  • Treatment: No running for ten days. Take ibuprofen for the 10 day rest as well and ice the knee during the day at work and in the evening at home. When I asked if I could ride my bike, he said, “Do you train half-way?” I said, “No.” He said, “Then rest that way.” After 10 days, I’m to go for a run, see how it feels, and we will go from there. Hopefully, he said, I won’t need to come back and see him. I’m hoping for that too!

So, no running (or riding) for ten days. I’m bummed, but glad it appears to be just a strain and know that resting is the best thing.

I’m working on alternatives to keep active…

Training Journal – 5/28/13:

  • Current plan: San Francisco Marathon – 2nd Half Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 4 mile easy run @ 8:41-9:41
  • Comments: Rest day called because of my knee – which now counts as day 1/10…

4 responses to Nine more days…


    You’re lucky that it wasn’t anything serious. Just rest it up and push even harder the next time you are out there running. Best of luck with everything 🙂

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