A Groggy Response

December 2, 2011 — 2 Comments

A funny observation from the conference that I was at this week…

During a post-lunch session, I could see that a guy near me was quickly falling victim to the dreaded, full-stomach-induced, and warm-meeting-room-enhanced battle to stay awake. He was fighting valiantly, but I could tell he was losing…

Ok, I was fighting a similar battle, but “ve haf vays of staying avake!” That said, slapping myself repeatedly and making those “nwah! nwah! nwah!” noises from Caddyshack does tend to disrupt that meeting…just kidding.

Anyway, dude was being pwned by Mr. Sleep and, at one point during the presentation, the speaker said something rhetorical like, “…and anyone who has had that happen to them, please raise your hand.”

Dude’s hand went up!

Not up all the way, but he was conscious enough to stop himself at the midpoint and see that he was about to be severely embarrassed and possibly admit to something unfavorable. He’d already been “outed” as a victim of post-lunch-full-stomach-sleep syndrome to everyone around him, that single action would have expanded the audience exponentially (or existentially, if you read my post from the other day.)

I tried not to laugh too loud – or at all – just in case I found myself in a similar situation later in the afternoon.

Oh, one final observation: It’s amazing how one can easily fall asleep during a meeting, yet lie wide awake later that evening in bed. Oh, the joys and travails of traveling between time zones…

Peace out! Have a great weekend!

2 responses to A Groggy Response


    Crazy afternoon meetings!!! Perhaps all meetings should have a post lunch siesta!!! The Spanish are onto something with that one!

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