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Good one…

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Today’s Office

October 15, 2013 — Leave a comment

Upon reflecting on my day and, from the “My how things have changed” file, I present today’s “office”:

  • Hotel room in Oklahoma City (various locations within it: laying, sitting standing)
  • Elevator of said hotel on OKC
  • Lobby of said hotel in OKC
  • Rental car in OKC
  • Gas station next to said hotel in OKC
  • Will Rogers World Airport, OKC
  • Flight 1011 from OKC to DFW
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
  • Flight 1184 from DFW to San Jose
  • San Jose International Airport
  • Taxi from SJC to home
  • Home
  • Toyota dealer lounge (waiting for oil change)
  • Home

Oh, the connected and small world we live and work in…

Today was a catch up day after two days of meetings. Your think I had a couple if big projects going or something!

Glad to be home!

Training Journal – 10/15/13:

  • Current plan: Foxy’s Fall Century Training Plan
  • Today’s session: Rest.
  • Comments: Rest & travel work day.

Sharing this oldie from 2011 since it’s budget planning time again…

Sometimes, when I’m working on a spreadsheet, I feel like this…

Can I get an AMEN?

Training Journal – 10/9/13:

  • Current plan: Foxy’s Fall Century Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 20-mile ride
  • Comments: I rode for 1:16:00 for 23.3 miles @ 18.4 mph avg & avg cadence of 85 [Strava]


August 22, 2013 — Leave a comment

I probably need to post this in a few other places to remind/reinforce:

We swim in language as fish swim in the sea, not noticing the power that our words have
to manifest, to create and to destroy.
– Mary Jo Asmus

Training Journal – 8/22/13:

  • Current plan: Mix of running and biking: Bicycling focus week
  • Today’s session: 8-mile run
  • Comments: I did 8.49 miles @ 8:18 avg pace.

Body vs. Mind

August 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

Here’s a great one I saw on the No Limits Endurance Coaching Facebook page today…


Training Journal – 8/6/13:

  • Current plan: Mix of running and biking
  • Today’s session: 8 mile easy run
  • Comments: I did 8.5 miles @ 8:38 avg pace

So today was my 48th birthday…aaaaand I’m on a business trip.

My being gone on my day happens occasionally because of one particular conference, the last time was two years ago. It’s weird and usually a bummer of a day none the less. I’m not big on getting attention, so I usually don’t let anyone know it’s my birthday…

Thankfully, with technology, I did get a bunch of b-day wishes today through Facebook and texts…which was nice to see throughout the day.

Anyway, I started my day early (0500) so I could get a long slow run in before my meetings started this afternoon. I usually do my long runs on Sunday, but there is a Women’s half marathon here in Chicago tomorrow and I knew it would be a madhouse along the Lakefront Trail…

20130622-190412.jpgI headed North out on Chicago’s Lakefront Trail and went to the northern end and back – 18.5 miles total, door-to-door. It felt pretty good. I modified my run-walk ratio to 3:1 today and that seemed to be better on my knee. I managed a 10:45 pace, obeying my doctor’s counsel about keeping it slow and ran on crushed rock paths when I could. There were tons of runners out later in the morning – I think prep training for the B of A Chicago Marathon kicked off today for a lot of clubs in the area.

The weather was excellent! Here are a few pictures from the run:

My friend Denise sent me a birthday text while I was on my run.


Since I was running, I asked SIRI to read me the text. Here is the epic SIRI transcript:

Happy [birthday cake][birthday cake][birthday cake][birthday cake][birthday cake]
Birthday [short cake][short cake][short cake][short cake][short cake]!!!!
Treating yourself to something fun? [hamburger][hamburger][french fries][french fries][slice of pizza][slice of pizza]
Assuming you’re working today? [computer][computer][computer][mobile phone][mobile phone][mobile phone]

I totally started cracking up when it was read…!

20130622-185939.jpgThe rest of the day was spent either in my room chilling or in my meeting this afternoon. I hit a local burger place for dinner (by myself) and then headed to a mixer for the conference.

It was a bit of a different birthday…

Training Journal – 6/22/13:

  • Current plan: Not sure right now…since I am cleared to run, I want to find a run/race for July
  • Today’s session: 18 mile long run
  • Comments: I did 18.51 @ 10:45 min/mile pace. Felt good to run and the 3:1 run:walk ratio worked better than the 4:1. I’m still working on the race report for last week’s Half Marathon…hopefully I’ll finish it tomorrow evening.

This was a different week:

  • I was off work Monday for Memorial Day, so I went for a longer bike ride.
  • Had my first ‘tip over’ on my bike. Nothing serious, I didn’t get my left foot out of the clip soon enough when I leaned to punch the crosswalk button. Only injury was pride…
  • My knee was petty sore after my long run last Sunday and I probably shouldn’t have rode. It was more sore after ride…enough that I couldn’t disguise it anymore. (OK, running a 50K three weeks after a marathon with 88 miles run in between the two and 26 miles run & 51 miles biked after the 50k probably contributed.)
  • I went to the doctor on Tuesday to see about my knee. He didn’t think there was any significant injury, but put me on R&R for 10 days.
  • Did resistance band workouts for the rest of the week – I HATE THIS TYPE OF EXERCISE!
  • With no running or riding, I’m fighting against my running-enabled eating diet. I’m tracking, but am up two pounds this week, which I’m not happy about. I’m allowing myself five pounds, which is manageable.
  • After today, just four more days of rest. Hoping the knee heals – it does feel better. I’m looking forward to my test run on Friday – though I’ll admit, I am a bit nervous.
  • Strategized my options for the San Francisco Marathon – 2nd Half, which I AM running on June 16. I think I’ve got a few viable plans, depending upon my knee.
  • I’ve been pretty consumed at work with a big project. Oh, the joys of 11th hour challenges…
  • Between work, life in general, and not being able to run, I’ve been generally grumpy and in a funk. Gotta snap outta it!

‘Training’ Journal – 6/2/13:

  • Current plan: San Francisco Marathon – 2nd Half Training Plan
  • Today’s session: Rest & recovery day 6/10
  • Comments: nada
  • Weekly mileage: Running: 0 / Bicycling: 25.07

Blah, blah, blah

January 15, 2013 — Leave a comment

While I was in a meeting today, I found myself wondering if the other people had the same “this guy’s just droning on and on” thought.

The kicker: I was the guy talking.

Training Journal – 1/15/13:

  • Current plan: Big Sur Marathon Training Plan – W4/D2
  • Today’s session:4 mile easy run @ 8:37-9:37 pace
  • Comments: I did 4.82 @ 7:46


September 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

I don’t write much about my job on here – that’s intentional.

That said, I do have the honor and privilege to lead and work along side some extremely capable and professional people. They are good at what they do and I appreciate that as a leader and co-worker.

The cool part is that every once in a while, that professionalism gets recognized…

Today, my team accepted an industry award that, this year, was only given to .2% of our 13,000+ peer companies.

We knew about the award, so today’s event wasn’t a surprise. Still, hearing that “two tenths of one percent” phrase from the presenter really put the award and accomplishment into perspective for me – and, I’m sure, the team. [having your boss and your boss’ boss hear that from the presenter ain’t too bad either!]

Training Journal – 9/12/12:

  • Current plan: Honolulu Marathon Training Plan
  • Today’s session: 7 mile, pacing test run @ 8:07
  • Comments: I did 7.53 @ a 7:57 pace with negative splits